It all begins with an idea

The world is full of ideas and Portugal Telecom knows that Portugal is not an exception. Do you believe in your idea and want to get it out there?

We will give you the support you need, providing free tools, mentorship and discounts on PT Empresas services.

Put it to a test

Do you already have a prototype and think that you are ready to test your product/service or business model?

PT gives you the opportunity to pilot your solution and contact with real customers.

From PT to the world

Already have a product and customers but you need to go a step further?

PT gives you the opportunity to increase your networking, national and international, and adquire more visibility through events and roadshows.

How it works?

Send us your application to the Blue Start program and we will get back to you in order to schedule a presentation of your project to a juri.
The selected projects will be mapped into one of the three stages of our program: Fresh New, Fast Growing and High Flying. We will give you immediate access to all benefits available in the program and nominate a mentor to follow up your project.

Fresh New

  • Kit Startup

    A turn-key package that includes Meo Cloud accounts, virtual public servers, collaboration and web presence tools (domain, mailboxes, web hosting), database hosting, access to PT's proprietary API’s and webservices, test equipments (iOS, Android) and discounts on PT Empresas services.

  • Workshops

    Inspirational lectures, presentations and/or workshops with invited speakers, such as experienced enterpreneurs or high responsible executives from Portugal Telecom, to address different subjects (design thinking, prototyping, lean methodologies).

  • Office Space

    Coworking worspace in Portugal Telecom premises or in one of our partners, always equipped with support infra-structure.

  • Tech support

    Tech mentor to follow up your project, contributing with his ideas, experience and know-how, making the functional conection with relevant areas within Portugal Telecom.

Fast Growing

  • Operacional Support

    Through our partners, access to specialized consulting in both legal and accounting areas.

  • Mentoring

    Nomination of a business mentor, with experience on a specific market target and therefore with counseling capability.

  • Pilots

    Approximation of projects/companies to the PT universe, in order to test their concepts and approaches through technical and commercial pilots.

High Flying

  • Marketing

    Promotion of the Blue Start startups in Portugal and/or abroad, through Portugal Telecom's channels and through some of our partners.

  • Bizdev

    Networking with some of Portugal Telecom's main operacional and/or financial partners.


Send us your application to the Blue Start program and we will get back to you in order to schedule a presentation of your project to a juri. The selected projects will be mapped into one of the three stages of our program: Fresh New, Fast Growing and High Flying. If chosen, we will give you immediate access to all benefits available in the program and nominate a mentor to follow up your project.


More detailed information about the Blue Start program is available for download.



These are some examples of our team of senior professionals that will follow-up your project and contribute for its success. It's a network of experts in different areas, such as coding, marketing, strategy, project management or business development, that will always be available to help the developmento of your project and to overcome obstacules.

  • Benjamim Júnior

    • web development
    • software development
    • product development

    Co-founder of SAPO, the largest web portal and internet project in Portugal. Nowadays, he directs SAPO Labs, SAPO’s I&D arm. Outside PT, he is an entrepreneur in the areas of contents and community. He is also a visiting Professor at University of Aveiro. Benjamim has been linked to the development of services and businesses over the internet for the last 18 years. He is passionate about technology, entrepreneurship, free software, online communities, aquariophilia and arts.

  • João Epifânio

    • management
    • market strategy
    • business development

    Director of Personal Segment Management and responsible for customer loyalty strategy, product, pricing, mobile service, and PT’s ‘bundle’ offer (M4O). He was the Executive Director of UZO, and responsible for TMN’s new channels. He is "chronically dissatisfied" always seeking inspiration in the most different fields and sectors of activity. He has experience in defining market strategy and implementing projects from the start. He’s a firm believer that "the possible is the future of the impossible."

  • Filipa Martins

    • digital marketing
    • business strategy
    • management consulting
    • product development

    Director of Product in SAPO’s Portal, she has nine years of experience in digital business in the areas of management partnerships, product development and management of High-Performing Digital Teams. She worked before in consultancy in various fields and sectors such as Public Administration, Transportation, Utilities, Banking, Industry and Telco.

  • Tiago Silva Lopes

    • digital marketing
    • online advertising
    • business strategy
    • partner management

    Director of Data and Multiplatform Content, he is responsible for many over-the-top services from Portugal Telecom. He was responsible for managing the content and services in SAPO’s portal; in his spare time, outside of PT, he is an entrepreneur and has great experience in developing new businesses.

  • Abel Aguiar

    • product management
    • business strategy
    • e-commerce

    Director of the Business Consulting and Segment Management of Portugal Telecom with the responsibility of the supply and pre-sales for the business market in the area of Information Systems, SaaS and Outsourcing. He has more than 10 years of professional consulting experience, with focus on ICT and Oil&Gas, at a national and international level, including support in the launch of several start-ups.

  • João Alberto Miranda

    • digital marketing
    • business strategy
    • client satisfaction
    • multimedia content

    Responsible for the Multimedia Production Centre of Portugal Telecom, was for many years manager of the SME segment, contributing for its strategy definition, marketing plan, customer care and alignment and orientation of the commercial channels. He is especially interested in Customer Satisfaction and passionate about contents, which he believes to be true differentiating factors within global brands.

  • César Vistas

    • business strategy
    • product development
    • technology strategy

    Responsible for Voice and ADSL Internet businesses at PT. Over 15 years of professional experience in the telecommunications industry, where he was responsible among other things for the launch of services such as broadband internet and fixed voice on the cable network. Also has experience in planning and management control.

  • Francisco Matos Chaves

    • digital marketing
    • e-commerce
    • business strategy
    • customer experience

    Responsible for the strategic coordination of PT’s online channels. He has strong experience in Digital Marketing, Social Media and e-Commerce, having worked in telecommunications and advertising companies, as well as taught some of these themes. He is an enthusiast for new technologies, and especially interested in the significant impacts that they can have on society.

  • Fausto de Carvalho

    • interactive multimedia
    • technology strategy
    • innovation management

    Senior researcher in the area of ​​interactive multimedia, involved in the exploration and introduction of new technologies and services in the market, especially for IPTV. He participates and coordinates various I&D international consortia, in partnership with several universities. Author of books, technical articles and several patents. Last but not least, he is a musician and music lover, linked to the online community since the 80s.

  • Luis Mestre

    • product development
    • business strategy
    • digital marketing

    Responsible for pricing and development of mobile products and services, oriented to mass market in MEO, MOCHE and UZO. He has an extensive experience in services marketing and go-to-market marketing strategies. He believes that the only way to manage the future is to create it!

  • José Bonnet

    • interactive multimedia
    • technology strategy
    • innovation management

    Member of the Mobile TV team, José has led the team responsible for the development of several products in the area of Mobile Money (having participated in the project QREN MobiPag) and also the team of the Customer Processes Development and Test Automation. He is a rational fan of programming languages ​​such as ruby and javascript. He is a collector and an (occasional) author of comics.

  • Pedro Pinheiro

    • product management
    • e-commerce
    • business strategy
    • entrepreneurship

    Responsible for product management and e-commerce of wireless business in PT Group. He has got extensive experience in technology-based multinationals. Pedro is passionate about innovation and new business models and their impact on people's lives. He has advanced training in technology commercialization, dozens of opinion articles published on the subject, and he is also the founder of a company.

  • João Menaia

    • innovation management
    • product development
    • project management

    Manager at the Innovation Management department of Portugal Telecom, where he ensures the organization's involvement in the innovation process, as well as the alignment between technical and business areas in the development and update of PT’s innovation roadmap. He coordinates the activities of I&D. He has held various positions in the areas of development of new products and services, project management and business development. He has an MBA from the Catholic University of Lisbon.


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